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Engagement Rings – Know Your Cuts

Diamonds are the favorite for any engagement ring but out of the four C’s one has to argue that the cut is what matters most. Some people say that the gem’s cut is more valuable than the clarity, color, and carat of a diamond because the cut can either accentuate the gem’s assets or hide its flaws. There are a lot of different cuts for the ideal engagement ring and here is a look at the most popular:

Different Diamond Cuts in engagement rings ames iowa:

1.    Round – circular, round cuts are arguably the most popular. The perfect circle is a good symbol for eternal love and with 58 facets it is also the one with the most sparkle. This type of cut is classical for its innate beauty and shine. You can get away with a diamond engagement ring if it has a few impurities so long as it has a round cut because it will reflect light with a lot of shimmer. Many choose this cut because it is able to hide most of the flaws of a diamond while still looking remarkably beautiful.

2.    Princess – the princess cut is another classic favorite. Here the diamond is cut into a perfect square. When a diamond is designed in the princess cut it looks more elegant and profound, especially because its light reflection is more concentrated. This lets it give off a brighter shine than other diamond cuts.

3.    Emerald – this cut was originally designed for emerald gems (hence the name) but it has quickly grown into a very popular choice for engagement rings. This is a rectangular cut with facets that are long and stair-like in appearance. This cut is perfect for a diamond with high clarity because it lets the wearer admire the perfection of the diamond.

4.    Asscher – an asscher diamond cut is very similar to the emerald cut when it comes to its features but this is shaped as a square instead of a rectangle. Because of the placements and facets it appears to be octagonal, making it more elaborate than it really is. The radiant cut is a variation of this and is often the more popular choice because of its more intrinsic handcraft.

5.    Pear – a pear shaped cut is exactly what it sounds like; a diamond cut in the shape of a pear. This bears the same benefits of a round or oval diamond cut because it is very reflective and shimmery but it also has one extra advantage. If you wear it with the pointed end pointing away from you, it will create the illusion of a longer, slender hand and finger.

Choosing the Cut

There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding which cut is best for you. Some say that you need a cut that will elaborate the better features of the diamond and hide its flaws. For example, a diamond that has a few inclusions will look fabulous with a round cut while a diamond with high clarity but low carat weight will do better with an emerald design. You’ll also have to consider your budget because the more elaborate cuts will cost you more money.

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